Big People Community


Big People Community CIC is a network of creative and social entrepreneurial
changemakers, developing communities of excellence. We enable social innovation,
encourage creativity, and address inequality by empowering marginalised people,
developing community leaders, and strengthening community assets and local networks using education and creativity.

We do this in three ways:

  1. By delivering creative community projects that leave people feeling powerful and inspired.
  2. By working with organisations and individuals to empower normally underrepresented
    people to take a lead in running their own creative projects or events with a positive social
  3. By adding value to a network of creative change-makers and creating opportunities for them.

BPC works within communities across Greater Manchester to empower underrepresented
groups using creative projects. We take an asset-based approach to working with people and places – embracing strengths, skills and the cool stuff that is already going on.

Using culture and creative skills like music production, fashion, drama, visual arts, poetry etc, we work on themes like identity, community and the social issues that are having an impact.