‘Power Revealed ' by Mary Gabriel & THE CHUCK GALLERY

Without being there for one another, what a boring world the earth will become, interactions and motivations are the predators that humans cannot do without.

Mary Gabriel is a graduate of Social Works and Community Development from the University of Nigeria Nsukka Nigeria, her zeal to touch lives especially women and the vulnerable make her to discover her painting skills, as a virtual artist for five years now, she uses her colours and strokes to expresses her feelings in her canvass where women are largely represented showcasing their beauty, endowment, gift, charisma, caring and love for the world at large. Even God took notice from creation that women are the icing of the cake(world).

The artist wants to use this medium to pass a message to the world, “celebrate and honor the ladies in your life, be it mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, even your female friends, they are all

unique individuals. Mary Gabriel has a burning zeal, and sees her going places, touching lives with her colours, brushes and canvases.

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